It is very important to print maps and directions prior to leaving.  Cellphone reception will be sparse once you pass Oakhurst.  We will mark your route as best we can with the pink Kampout "K" signs.


How do I get to the campsite?

Below are directions to Texas Flat Campground from Fresno.

  1. From Fresno, take Highway 41 North.
  2. Continue through and past Oakhurst, past Bass Lake Road.
  3. Turn East (right) at the Sky Ranch billboard (Forest Road 632, which becomes Road 10).
  4. Continue through the residential area.
  5. The road will become VERY curvy.  Keep going, you'll see the pink "k" signs.
  6. Turn right at the turnoff for Soquel (aka Road 6S40 - 8.2 miles).
  7. Go past Soquel Campground.
  8. Turn left onto Road 6S08 to Texas Flat.
  9. Turn left again onto Road 6S38.
  10. Turn right into Texas Flat Campground

For directions from locations other than Fresno, get to Highway 41 and Forest Road 632, north of Oakhurst, and follow from step #3.



Please use the provided map or the National Forest Service's map of the area.





Travel Tips!

  • We will have BRIGHT PINK "K" signs at every place you need to make a choice starting on Highway 41 at Sky Ranch Road to help lead you in.  Sometimes, during the weekend, the signs may be missing, so DO follow the map first and be careful!
  • You will be driving in the forest with no street lights, so if you plan to travel at night, please drive slow and be aware of your surroundings.
  • The road does become a dirt road as you get closer to the campsite and you may encounter large pits and rough patches while driving.
  • GPS is not always accurate and you will lose cellphone services as you pass Oakhurst.  Please be sure to utilize the map and instructions provided here.  Print hardcopies to take with you as back up.
  • If possible, travel during the day and with a companion.